5000TMV Adult/Child CPR Practi-MASK® & Valve Combo Pack

Part # 5000TMV CPR Practi-MASK® & Valve Combo Pack

It is a cost-effective tool for CPR classroom training. Each box contains 10 CPR Practi-MASKS® and 10 CPR Practi-VALVES®. The use of our Pracit-MASKS® and Practi-VALVES® provides a cost-saving alternative to the use of traditional CPR resuscitator masks with human use one-way valves. The Practi-MASK® includes a soft, pliable bladder for conforming to manikin faces. The Practi-VALVE® features a cotton breathing filter. Masks do not have an oxygen port and are for training only. Valves are single-use and for training only. LATEX FREE

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