The Mountain Rescue Manikin was originally developed in conjunction with Scottish Mountain Rescue. Our standard manikins were too heavy to be able to carry up a mountain to set a training scenario for body recovery following an avalanche so we were asked if we were able to create something that would fit their brief.

We are pleased to say that this has been achieved and the Mountain Rescue manikin is the result.

The manikin is made from the same flame retardant Polyester used in Police ballistic/stab vests, which typically has 4 times the strength and abrasion resistance of P.V.C (the materials previously used) and is filled with foam to give the bulk and firmness of a body whilst being lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. The manikin also comes complete with a backpack that enables the manikin to be folded in half and easily transported.

We have now integrated RECCO® reflectors into the Mountain Rescue manikin to make it the only Avalanche Training Manikin in the world to utilise this rescue system. The RECCO® reflector  makes an avalanche victim searchable to professional rescuers. It is a complement to a transceiver and RECCO® detectors are used by rescue teams in over 800 ski resorts worldwide.


  • Light weight at only 11Kg for ease of transportation
  • ‘Spongy resistance’ when probing for realism
  • Secure pockets to protect the electronic transceiver when probing
  • Life-like facial features with mouth cavity to check for obstructions
  • Water resistant and non-absorbent to reduce drying time after exercises.


  • Currently used by Mountain Rescue teams across Europe.
  • Regularly exported to rescue professionals in 13 countries worldwide, with the USA, France, Switzerland and Germany being big markets for us.
  • Ruth Lee Training Manikins article on Scottish Mountain Rescue website


Available in just the one weight and size complete with backpack.


  • RLNAV- 11Kg Adult


Moving and handling heavy items carries certain risks. Please read and distribute these guides to all involved in using our training dummies

View / Download Mountain Rescue Datasheet

View / Download Risk Assessment for the General Handling and Transportation of Training Manikins

View / Download Equipment Note for Ruth Lee Rescue Training Dummies

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