5000IBVM Practi-MASK® | Bag Valve Training Mask Infant

Part # 5000IBVM Practi-MASK® | Bag Valve Training Mask Infant

WNL Product’s Practi-MASK® BVM can’t be beaten when it comes to cost-effective CPR training.  Available in Adult/Child or Infant sizes, our Bag Valve Mask trainers are designed to look and function just like an actual Bag Valve Mask resuscitator. And, because they are for training only, they are the most cost-effective options for your CPR training program.  What’s more, when students use a Practi-MASK® BVM in a classroom setting, they will gain the skills and confidence needed to work in the field and under pressure.

Each box of Practi-MASK® BVM includes 4 Practi-MASK® CPR Training Masks,  4 Bag Valve Squeeze Bags, 4 Reservoir Bags.


Assembly Instructions

  • Remove components from the box
  • Unfold the collapsed bag-valve by pulling apart each end
  • Attach the reservoir bag to the air inlet side of the bag valve
  • Attach the CPR training mask to the expiratory valve

Instructions for Cleaning

  • Soak the CPR training mask portion for 10 minutes in a solution of 1 part bleach and 64 parts water
  • Rinse the mask with water and allow to air dry
  • Wipe the outer surfaces of the bag valve with isopropyl alcohol or the solution noted above (1 part bleach and 64 pars water). Do not soak



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5000BVM  Practi-MASK® | Bag Valve Training Mask

5000BVM Practi-MASK® | Bag Valve Training Mask

Part # 5000BVM

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