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Desert Rain LLC markets medical training products serving the needs of the Emergency Response and Healthcare Markets worldwide.

  • Simulaids® SMART STAT

    More advanced and simpler to use than other high-fidelity simulators in the same price range Portable, flexible, and rugged iPad®* system offers the opportunity for a wide range of simulation training exercises across many medical disciplines, including:

    • Disaster response
    • Emergency medical response team
    • Hospital and clinic training programs
    • Military battle field
    • Nurse safety
    • Nursing school
    • Paramedic
    • Physician
    • University teaching hospital
    • Wireless, tetherless patient simulator operates via iPad®* Wi-Fi® technology and utilizes simplified product control screens for ease of operations
    • No programming experience or high-cost training required
    • Unit can be operated within 5 minutes of exploring the iPad®* screens
    • iPad®* allows recording of students’ attempts at assessment and treatment of the patient simulator’s physiological presentation
    • Pull up any 1 of many scenarios for teaching and challenging students’ abilities, and testing knowledge, proficiency, and critical-thinking skills
    • Easily transfer records via PDF document to a PC for storing, printing, and using
    • Battery-operated simulator can be connected by wire to a local power source (110V or 220V AC versions) when doing clinical lab time where movement of the simulator is not necessary
    • Durable simulator can be used indoors and outdoors in many environments
    • Simulator is 6 ft. (189 cm) tall with 46 in. (116 cm) chest, 32 in. (81 cm) inseam, 40 in. (101 cm) waist, 26 in. (66 cm) head circumference, and 18-1/2 in. (47 cm) neck
    • 1-year warranty (extended 2-year warranty available at time of purchase)
    • NOTE: Defibrillation with hands-free pad technology requires the use of a training cable furnished free, the item number depends upon defibrillation unit manufacturer and must be identified for inclusion in the shipment. Chest post adapters, also furnished with the patient simulator, are used in conjunction with the training cable.